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Emerald Diving Ireland Ltd

is an IDEST-approved cylinder test centre number 8Y

Our work shop is inspected regularly by IDEST Engineers and our equipment  for inspecting and testing breathing gas and diving cylinders to BS EN 1802:2002, BS EN 1968:2002 and maintain cylinder valves to BS EN ISO 22434:2011.  are certified on a yearly basis 

Hydrostatic Test                                                    €55 

Visual         Inspection                                           €35

Valve service kits vary in price depending on make    


Internal shot blasting                                         €30 

O2 Cleaning                                                               €25


Air fills                             €7.00  12L                      €9.00  15L

 Nitrox fills 32%  36% and 50%     depends on 02 cost from BOC                              


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