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Regulator Servicing 

Our  regulator service technicians are fully trained by the manufacturer to service the regulator that we sell on their behalf we service the following brands Scubapro.

Apeks. Aqualung and Mares.

 it's important to get your regulators serviced as per the manufacturers recommended service dates. When we service your regulator, a pre-service inspection and testing report will be carried out before disassembling, degreasing, cleaning, rinsing and drying.

All parts are reassembled using only genuine manufacturer replacement parts and service kits, this includes all hose O-rings,  the SPG swivel with new O-rings and oxygen compatible lubricant is used throughout.

All parts are inspected methodically to identify any that are worn or broken, and both the 1st stage and 2nd stages are set to the manufacturer’s settings and tested, before final assembly.  All serviced equipment is normally available for return to the customer within 5-7 working days, however this time may increase if parts are unavailable or if demand for servicing is high during peak seasonal periods, ask us if timescales are important to you.  



We charge a fixed labour rate for our servicing, €60 + vat  plus the cost of the service kit.  Service kits from manufactures can vary widely so contact us for a quote on your particular regs.

We offer very competitive rates and can offer bulk discounts


 Apeks                                                                                                                                                           Scubapro 


  Aqualung                                                                                                                                                          Mares 

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