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The front-adjustable X-Black features SCUBAPRO’s exclusive AirFlex system (highlighted by the red bungees threaded throughout the BCD) that simplifies buoyancy control and guarantees an extremely stable ride at depth. Loaded with convenience and performance features, the X-Black is also one of the most comfortable BCDs available, thanks to its ergonomic cut, and it offers a huge lift capacity. ◊ Constructed of a combination of durable 1000 denier and 420 denier nylon for long-term wear ◊ Adjustable cummerbund compensates for suit compression, ensuring a snug fit at varying depths ◊ 50mm non-rotating shoulder buckles optimise strap routing to maximise fit ◊ Air-net backpack is water-draining and comfortable during long dives ◊ AirFlex system with special bladder delivers enormous buoyant lift capacity ◊ Super Cinch tank buckle system locks the tank in solid for maximum stability at depth ◊ Two rear trim pouches allow you to achieve a well-balanced swimming position ◊ Quick-release integrated weight pouches ditch quickly and easily and secure with buckles ◊ Built-in grommets provide attachment points for a knife ◊ Two large zippered pockets and one smaller pocket, plus a zippered cummerbund pouch provide lots of cargo-carrying capability ◊ Eight aluminum D-rings, four large and pre-bent, provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear ◊ Equipped with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI)


SKU: 21.719
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